What We Offer for Outpatient Adults..

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists assist individuals with rehabilitation of gross motor skills, Therapists typically treat patients with respiratory, and nervous system disorders. Physical therapists use a number of modalities including: ultrasound, hot packs, gait training therapeutic exercises, electric stimulation. These are used to promote pain relief, and to increase strength, endurance, and mobility.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists usually work with patients on fine motor skills to restore, reinforce, and enhance performance of functions essential for daily living. This is accomplished through a variety of activities which include: oral/facial stimulation, muscle re-education, self-care training sensory stimulation, and adaptive equipment development.

Speech-Language Pathology

Speech Therapists treat patients with speech and language disorders which result in communication disabilities. They assist individuals with rehabilitation of compensatory communication techniques, including cognitive communication. Speech therapists also assist with voice disorders to develop proper control of vocal and respiratory systems to correct voice production.

Developmental Therapy
Developmental Therapists help children with developmental delays become more independent. They work hands on with children in need of improvement with developmental skills.

Social Work
Social Workers provide counseling and support to families in need. Social Workers assist in locating and providing information about services and resources available to families in need of assistance.

Respite Care

Respite Care Aides provide temporary relief to caregivers who provide care for individuals with disabilities and other special needs. Respite breaks offer caregivers an opportunity to revitalize their energies, enhance their abilities to perform care giving tasks and avoid burnout. Respite Care strengthens the family’s ability to care for their family member at home and reduces residential and hospital placement.

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